We are passionate about the LabVIEW community and one we way contribute is by giving presentations at NI Week, the CLA Summit, NI Days, User Groups, and our local Software Craftsmanship Workshops.  As we create these presentations we will post them here for download.  If you would like to use one of these presentations at a local user group feel free to do so, just let us know as we would like to meet you. 


Applying a SOLID Framework for Cleaner Code

The Composed Systems MVA framework is a SOLID and open source extension of the LabVIEW Actor Framework.  Users of this framework will never have to write another actor core event handling structure again!  Learn to easily create and manage nested model and user interface hierarchies using dependency injection to aid In project organization. In addition to a high-level overview of features and capabilities, this presentation showcases a sample project. Source code is on the Composed Systems Bitbucket.


Unfunded Liabilities: How Poor Package Design Drives Technical Debt and What You Can Do About It

This is a presentation given by Jon McBee and Allen Smith, Senior Systems Engineer at National Instruments.  This presentation is an improved version of the Principles of Package Design presentation Jon gave at the 2016 CLA Summit.

Architecting Complexity.png

Architecting Complexity

This is a presentation given by Jon McBee at the 2016 CLA Summit on complexity in software and how to measure it.  This presentation was heavily influenced by Rich Hickey's great presentation, "Simple Made Easy".


Principles of Package Design

This is a presentation given by Jon McBee at the 2016 CLA Summit on the principles of package design and their associated metrics.  This presentation was heavily unfluenced by Robert Martin's book "Agile Software Development Principles Patterns and Practices"


Dependency Inversion Principle

This is a presentation given by Jon McBee at the 2015 Software Craftsmanship Workshop, held in conjunction with NI Days Boston.  This presentation discusses the Dependency Inversion Principle, one of Robert Martins five principles of object-oriented design.